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Job Openings at Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Careers, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Jobs

Job Openings at Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Careers, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Jobs, We have provided catering for small to medium-sized business events with a variety of dessert options, including our dessert jars, cakes, and retail nibbles.

Additionally, we have offered corporate giving to organizations like PepsiCo and others, modest to medium-sized companies, We are actively looking for business partnerships with well-known brands. Adopting HACCP Certified will offer us the advantage we need to maintain faith in our premium partners.

There has been tremendous demand in our B2B for small to medium-sized businesses. sized eateries, of which we currently serve a select handful, We are picky about the types of companies we choose to work with as Our dedication includes forging and preserving local ties within the Emirates,

We take health and safety to a new level because our cutting-edge Central Kitchen was built with HACCP materials exclusively and is HACCP compliant. Our staff has received specialized training to adhere to tight guidelines to safeguard the security of our clients.
We have provided dessert for small to medium-sized corporate gatherings. In the 11th century, slabs of ice that had been shaved during the colder months gave rise to the first Kakigri.
shaved and given to guests with sweet syrup  Summertime Japanese aristocracy. Access to Kakigri improved throughout the 19th century when ice became Easily accessible to the general public throughout the summertime. Kakigri has developed since then, and at PLAIN. We’ve mastered the snowflake. dessert. adding a few of the local favorites to satisfy every taste. Like nothing, this you’ve ever experienced.
In this industry, specialty coffee has turned into a “must-have.” We offer our consumers a locally roasted unique mix that is in line with our company’s beliefs. Not Everyone enjoys coffee, thus in order to bridge this gap, we for those who only want a dark roasted combination,
familiar coffee that is once more roasted and obtained locally. Our fresheners are straightforward, energizing, and additive-free. preservatives, colors, or tastes.

Job Openings at Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Careers, Plain Desserts Abu Dhabi Jobs


We’re looking for new members to join our growing team!
Kitchen Porters A
-Abu Dhabi Based
-Great Teamwork
-Hospitality experience in the UAE
Send your CV to:

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