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Velero Hotel Qatar Pre-Opening Careers, Velero Hotel Qatar Careers, Velero Hotel Qatar Jobs, Velero Hotel Qatar Vacancies, 

Velero Hotel Qatar Pre-Opening Careers, Velero Hotel Qatar Careers, Velero Hotel Qatar Jobs, Velero Hotel Qatar Vacancies, Greetings from Luxury’s new residence, 5* Velero Hotel, previously The Shell Tower.

Velero will be one of Qatar’s most opulent and sought-after hotels, set against the backdrop of Lusail Stadium. The Velero offers a chic experience in the center of Lusail with its 244 rooms and suites.

This lavish hotel is the perfect location for sponsors, friends and family events, or senior management programmes.

Both the Lusail Stadium and Vendome Mall, Qatar’s newest centre for luxury and fashion, are easily accessible to visitors.

The hotel will have upscale eateries, lounges, coffee shops, a juice bar serving organic drinks, and designer boutiques.

The cutting-edge fitness center of the Velero Hotel includes an outdoor pool, a spa, and Moroccan Baths. Enjoy opulence in the brand-new city of Lusail.

The inauguration day is set for August 2022.

Velero Hotel Qatar Pre-Opening Careers, Velero Hotel Qatar Jobs, 


We are Hiring Lusail, Qatar

Hotel Manager
Sales Director
Asst Sales Director
Human resources Manager
L&D Manager
Executive Chef
Housekeeping Manager
Sales Manager
Revenue Manager
Food & Beverage Manager
Chief Concierge 
Front Office Manager
Finance Manager
Chief Accountant
Marketing Manager
Purchasing Manager
Chief Steward 
Pastry Chef
Restaurant Managers
Guest Relations Manager
Chief Engineer
Hygiene and Quality Manager
Chief Security

If you are interested, send your CV to:

You looking for a New Opportunity 
Join our Pre-opening team and send your CV to

Embark on a Pioneering Career: Velero Hotel Qatar Pre-Opening Opportunities

In the heart of Qatar’s vibrant hospitality landscape, Velero Hotel emerges as a beacon of luxury and innovation. Anticipation fills the air as the hotel unveils a unique opportunity for passionate individuals through its Pre-Opening Careers. Velero Hotel, with its commitment to redefining hospitality, invites aspiring professionals to be part of the foundation-building process, shaping a new standard of excellence in the heart of Qatar.

**Diverse Roles, Singular Vision:**

Velero Hotel Qatar’s Pre-Opening Careers span across various departments, offering a diverse range of opportunities for individuals with distinct talents. Whether your expertise lies in guest services, culinary arts, event management, or administration, Velero Hotel Qatar provides roles tailored to your passion and skills. This diversity ensures a dynamic and collaborative team, contributing to the hotel’s commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences.

**Crafting a Legacy:**

Joining the Velero Hotel Qatar team during the pre-opening phase means becoming a pioneer, contributing to the establishment of a legacy of sophistication and hospitality. Every team member plays a crucial role in shaping the hotel’s identity, creating an environment where innovation and excellence are the cornerstones.

**How to Apply:**

For those ready to embark on this pioneering journey with Velero Hotel Qatar, the application process is a gateway to a transformative career. Update your resume, tailor your cover letter to showcase your passion and skills, and explore the official website or contact the hotel directly for detailed information on available Pre-Opening Careers.

In conclusion, Velero Hotel Qatar’s Pre-Opening Careers represent more than just job opportunities; they signify a chance to be part of a groundbreaking chapter in Qatar’s hospitality narrative. Seize the opportunity to contribute to the birth of an iconic destination, where every career step becomes a stride towards unparalleled success in the evolving landscape of luxury hospitality.

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