By | August 10, 2022

Hyatt Regency Cairo West Hiring & Empowering WOMEN

Hiring & Empowering Women!
As part of reinforcing woman empowerment and boosting her status through potential opportunities in the Hospitality field.

Hyatt Regency Cairo West is pleased to invite all the talented females for a coffee break/lunch to explore all career opportunities, this Tuesday 16th of August starting from 10 am at Hyatt Regency Cairo West Hotel. for your convince, Shuttle Buses will be available in different zones & areas in Cairo during the recruitment day. Please call the following numbers for more assistance 01226666490 / 01010006827.

Hiring & Empowering WOMEN
Tuesday, 16th August Starting from 10 am
Hyatt Regency Cairo West is looking for talented females for the following positions
Assistant F&B Director
F&B Manager
Restaurant Manager
Assistant Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Supervisor
Restaurant Reservations Officer
Hyatt Regency Cairo West Hiring

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