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Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku

Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku | The Ritz-Carlton Baku Careers | The Ritz-Carlton Baku Jobs

Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku, The Ritz-Carlton Baku, a luxury hotel with 190 magnificent guestrooms, apartment buildings, the finest presidency suite in the city, and world-famous Ritz-Carlton service, is located in the center of the vibrant capital city of Azerbaijan.

By strictly upholding its own standards, Ritz-Carlton has emerged as a dominant name in the luxury lodging industry. It is the only service provider in the United States to have twice received the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, and Training Magazine has ranked it as the finest in the country for staff training.

Business executives, corporate clients, leisure tourists, often middle-aged and elderly, and families from the top and upper-middle classes make up The Ritz-traditional Carlton’s target market.

The Ritz-Carlton Baku promise to offer the best amenities and personalized service to all of our visitors, ensuring that they always experience a welcoming, carefree, yet elegant atmosphere. The Ritz-Carlton experience awakens the senses, cultivates wellbeing, and attends to even our guests’ unspoken needs and wishes.

Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku | The Ritz-Carlton Baku Careers | The Ritz-Carlton Baku Jobs

Fulfill your career goals. Bring new ideas. Continuously learn and grow with our Ladies & Gentlemen. We are currently hiring for the following positions:

22131221 – Bar Supervisor (Local)
22126327 – Room Service Supervisor (Local)
22126328 – Restaurant Supervisor (Local)
22126664 – Banquet Supervisor (Local)
22131227 – Waiter (Local)
22131230 – Hostess (Local)
22131217 – Bartender (Local)
22125610 – Accounts Payable (Local)
22131119 – Accounts Receivable (Local)
22131113 – Income Auditor (Local)
22131121 – General Cashier (Local)
22125664 – Cost Controller (Local)
Great opportunity to join our Ladies & Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Baku.
To learn more and apply, please visit:
Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku

Job Openings at The Ritz-Carlton Baku

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