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Alici Dubai | Career Opportunities at Alici Dubai | Alici Dubai Careers

Alici Dubai is a true joy! Alici is at the top. It offers lovely decor, an Italian flavor, excellent service, and helpful waiters. simply outstanding food. Amazing burrata with the ideal texture was served to us. 
Alici Dubai is, Excellent aubergine with parmesan that is juicy and cooked to perfection. The bread that is served should be better. A must-have dish is the soft, perfectly cooked sea bass baked in a salt crust. 
Alici Dubai The dessert fondant was tasty and had wonderful chocolate. At the conclusion, as the bill was being paid, a few little desserts were presented. I agree that the location may be rather pricey, but if you want a nice treat, Alici is the place to go.

Alici Dubai | Career Opportunities at Alici Dubai | Alici Dubai Careers

Current Availabilities
If you think you’re the right fit to join the Alici team, discover our available roles below:

  • Head Waiter
  • Senior Waiter
  • Waiter
  • Hostess
  • Senior Hostess

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Career Opportunities at Alici Dubai

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