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Entier French Dining

Entier French Dining | Chef Jobs Kuala Lumpur | Chef Vacancy in Kuala Lumpur

Entier French Dining, The restaurant’s nose-to-tail culinary philosophy was inspired by the word entier, an old French word that means whole or entire. Entier emphasizes the joy of wine and dining with a community dining experience while eschewing white tablecloths and adopting an avant-garde design entier french dining menu.

Our team is dedicated to the well-being of people, the environment, and the plate. We think that a tasty dish can be produced with ingredients of any quality and that the integrity of the components can be preserved. Our menu is the product of our ongoing search for high-quality French cuisine, which involves working with our creations, food suppliers, winemakers, diners, and our environment.

Chef Masashi offers imaginative French cooking with top-notch seasonal ingredients from reliable sources near and far, with a particular interest in showcasing the finest of the Malaysian terroir and our area. According to the nose-to-tail philosophy, Entier’s menu offers meals that highlight particular organs or signature dishes that are offered as a complete.

Entier French Dining | Chef Job in KL | Latest Pastry Chef job in KL | Pastry Job KL

hiring position as
  • Demi chef pastry
  • Chef de partie pastry
  • Jr Sous chef pastry
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