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L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE: Explore Exciting Career Opportunities


Are you looking to take your culinary career to new heights? L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE, an upscale restaurant renowned for its seafood delicacies and stunning Dubai skyline views, invites talented individuals like you to join its passionate team. As the restaurant continues to redefine fine dining experiences, it presents a wide range of career opportunities that cater to various skill sets and expertise.

1. VIP Waiter:
As a VIP Waiter at L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE, you will be the epitome of hospitality, catering to esteemed guests with a personalized touch. Your impeccable service and attention to detail will ensure that VIP patrons have an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Head Waiter:
Lead the front-of-house team with finesse as the Head Waiter. Your experience in the hospitality industry will empower you to oversee daily operations and ensure seamless service for all guests.

3. Stewarding Team Leader:
Behind every successful restaurant, there’s a dedicated stewarding team. As the Stewarding Team Leader, you will manage and coordinate the dishwashing and cleaning processes, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

4. Chef de Partie (Pastry):
Indulge the sweet cravings of diners with your pastry expertise. As the Chef de Partie (Pastry), you will craft delectable desserts and pastries that perfectly complement the restaurant’s culinary offerings.

5. Chef de Partie (Main Course):
Bring your culinary prowess to the forefront as the Chef de Partie (Main Course). You will take charge of the main course section, ensuring that every dish leaving the kitchen is a masterpiece.

6. Commis (Cold Section):
Join as a Commis in the Cold Section and learn the art of preparing refreshing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes from seasoned chefs.

7. Hostess:
As the first point of contact, you will welcome and greet guests with warmth and grace. The Hostess plays a crucial role in setting the tone for an enjoyable dining experience.

8. Bartender:
Mixology is your passion, and as a Bartender, you will concoct exquisite cocktails that captivate the senses, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

9. Barback:
Assist the Bartender and keep the bar well-stocked and organized. The role of a Barback is essential in ensuring smooth bar operations.

10. Chef de Partie (Pasta Section):
Join the culinary team as the Chef de Partie in the Pasta Section, where you will skillfully prepare a variety of pasta dishes that delight your taste buds.

11. Chef de Partie (Cold Section):
As the Chef de Partie in the Cold Section, you will demonstrate your expertise in crafting visually appealing and mouthwatering cold dishes.

12. Commis (Bakery):
Perfect your baking skills as a Commis in the Bakery section. Contribute to a diverse range of freshly baked goods that add a touch of warmth to guests’ dining experience.

13. Commis (Pastry):
Assist the pastry team as a Commis and work with dedication to learn the art of creating delightful pastry treats.

Join the L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE Family:

Embark on a culinary journey like no other, where passion meets excellence. L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE welcomes individuals who are dedicated, creative, and eager to grow within the realm of culinary arts and hospitality.

To seize these incredible opportunities, visit the official L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE website and submit your application. Take a step towards a fulfilling career at L’AMO BISTRO DEL MARE, Dubai, where every dish is crafted with love and every guest is cherished.


We are hiring
VIP waiter 
Head waiter 
Stewarding team leader 
Chef de partie (pastry) 
Chef de partie (Main course) 
Commis (Cold section)
Chef de partie (Pasta section) 
Chef de partie (Cold section)
Commis (Bakery)
Commis (Pastry)

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