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Bartender | Millennium Downtown Hotel Abu Dhabi

Bartender Job Description

Job Requirements
To be knowledgeable with menu and beverage terminology.
To be able to train other colleagues in mixology and wine.
Clean, prepare, organize, and close the bar as per hotel SOP.
Obtain adequate quantities of stock from the stockrooms as per the request sheet.
Being knowledgeable of the ADACO system and inventory stock management.
Perform all side duties established by the Captain/Supervisor.
Absolute Service Standards are to be followed while serving the guests.
Ensure all the information/duties received by the Captain/Supervisor are followed accurately.
Follow the policies and procedures introduced by the Food & Beverage Department.
Double-check all items received from the stores and ensure this corresponds with the requisition.
Ensure that all food and beverage items are picked up as required.
Compliant with the ADFCA policies and procedures.
To ensure to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and grooming at all times.

Qualifications and Experience
You should ideally have a Diploma / Degree in Hospitality or Vocational training in Food and beverage and a minimum of one year experience in Bar Operations.
Previous experience in minor leadership and supervisory roles is a definite plus.

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
Flamboyant and bartending skills coupled with thorough knowledge of all types of wines, liquor, and cocktails are an advantage.
Exceptional ability to pay close attention to details.
Delivering high-quality quest service in a welcoming manner.

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