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Job Openings at Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram: In the heart of Gurugram’s bustling Sector-47, an exciting career opportunity awaits as Hotel Regenta Inn, a pre-opening property by Royal Orchid, sets the stage for a dynamic team to create hospitality magic. 

Job Openings at Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram

This esteemed hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s a canvas where careers unfold, and individuals are invited to be part of an exceptional journey in the world of hospitality.

Unlock Your Career Potential: Job Openings at Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram

Job Openings Details:

Location: Sector-47, Gurugram

Property: Hotel Regenta Inn (Pre-Opening) by Royal Orchid

Why Choose Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram:

1. Pre-Opening Thrill: Joining a pre-opening property is a unique opportunity to be part of the foundation-building process. It’s a chance to contribute to the creation of a distinctive identity for the hotel and leave an indelible mark on its success story.

2. Brand Legacy: Hotel Regenta Inn is part of the prestigious Royal Orchid Hotels group, known for its commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. Being associated with this brand means aligning with a legacy of quality service and unparalleled guest experiences.

3. Diverse Career Paths: The job openings at Hotel Regenta Inn span various departments, offering a range of opportunities for individuals with different skill sets. Whether you’re passionate about guest services, culinary arts, or management, there’s a place for you in this vibrant team.

4. Inclusive Work Culture: Hotel Regenta Inn values diversity and fosters an inclusive work culture. It’s a place where unique talents come together to create a harmonious and collaborative environment, ensuring everyone’s contribution is recognized and appreciated.

How to Apply:

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career journey with Hotel Regenta Inn, head to the recruitment process with your resume, enthusiasm, and passion for hospitality. The hotel is not just offering jobs; it’s extending an invitation to be part of a family that is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for guests.

In conclusion, the job openings at Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram, mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in the world of hospitality. It’s an opportunity to be part of a team that shapes the future of a hotel, and in turn, your own career trajectory. Seize the chance to unlock your potential and contribute to the unfolding story of Hotel Regenta Inn’s success.

Job Openings at Hotel Regenta Inn, Sector-47 Gurugram

Hotel Regenta Inn (Pre-Opening property) by Royal Orchid at Sector-47 Gurugram is looking for below profiles:- 

01- Asst. Manager Sales (prior experience in Gurugram market mandatory)

02- Asst. Manager Accounts (HOD)

03- Restaurant Manager (HOD)

04- Sous Chef (HOD)

05- Purchase Executive 

06- IT Executive 

07- Housekeeping Supervisor

08- GSA (Housekeeping)

09- Captain

10- GSA (F & B Service)

11- FO Supervisor 

12- FO Associate 

13- CDP/DCDP (Chinese/Continental)

14- Commi- I/III (Indian/Tandoor/Continental)

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