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Job Openings at Lampung Marriott Resort & Spa: Are you a culinary enthusiast looking for a new and exciting challenge? The Marriott Family is thrilled to announce a range of prestigious job openings, inviting passionate individuals to become an integral part of our culinary team. Explore these opportunities and join us in creating exceptional dining experiences.

Job Openings at Lampung Marriott Resort & Spa

Exciting Culinary Opportunities: Join the Lampung Marriott Resort & Spa Family!

Current Culinary Openings:

1. Pastry Chef
   – Responsibilities:
     – Oversee pastry operations with creativity and precision.
     – Develop and innovate delightful pastry offerings.
     – Lead a dedicated pastry team to excellence.

2. Steward & Hygiene Manager
   – Responsibilities:
     – Manage stewarding operations and hygiene standards.
     – Ensure cleanliness and efficiency in kitchen areas.
     – Implement hygiene protocols for a safe culinary environment.

3. Chef de Cuisine
   – Responsibilities:
     – Lead culinary operations with a focus on culinary excellence.
     – Innovate and curate menus for an exceptional dining experience.
     – Mentor and inspire culinary team members.

4. Sous Chef – Pastry/Bakery
   – Responsibilities:
     – Assist in managing pastry and bakery operations.
     – Contribute to menu development and execution.
     – Uphold high standards of pastry preparation.

5. Junior Sous Chef
   – Responsibilities:
     – Support senior chefs in day-to-day kitchen operations.
     – Demonstrate culinary skills and creativity.
     – Ensure adherence to quality and presentation standards.

6. Sous Chef – All Day Dining
   – Responsibilities:
     – Manage culinary operations for all-day dining venues.
     – Collaborate with culinary teams to enhance offerings.
     – Uphold Marriott’s commitment to culinary excellence.

7. All Day Dining Manager
   – Responsibilities:
     – Oversee the daily operations of all-day dining establishments.
     – Ensure exceptional guest experiences.
     – Collaborate with culinary and service teams for seamless operations.

8. Specialty Restaurant Manager
   – Responsibilities:
     – Manage specialty restaurant operations with finesse.
     – Elevate the dining experience for patrons.
     – Foster a culture of excellence among the restaurant team.

9. Sous Chef – Specialty Restaurant
   – Responsibilities:
     – Assist in managing specialty restaurant culinary operations.
     – Contribute to the creation and execution of specialty menus.
     – Uphold the highest standards of culinary craftsmanship.

10. Banquet Manager
   – Responsibilities:
     – Oversee banquet operations for events and gatherings.
     – Collaborate with event planners for seamless execution.
     – Ensure memorable and flawless banquet experiences.

11. Sous Chef – Banquet
   – Responsibilities:
     – Assist in managing culinary operations for banquets.
     – Contribute to menu planning and execution.
     – Ensure the highest quality for banquet offerings.

12. Assistant Restaurant Manager
   – Responsibilities:
   – Support restaurant operations with a focus on guest satisfaction.
   – Assist in staff management and training.
   – Collaborate with the restaurant manager for overall success.

Why Join the Marriott Family?

– Global Excellence: Be part of a globally recognized hospitality brand.

– Culinary Innovation: Explore opportunities for creativity and innovation.

– Career Growth: Marriott is committed to the professional development of its team members.

– Exceptional Work Environment: Join a dynamic and collaborative culinary community.

How to Apply:

Elevate Your Culinary Journey with Marriott–Apply Now!

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