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Sunrise Resorts & Cruises Career Opportunities

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The water, with all its gorgeous and exotic marine creatures that tourists from all over the world dive into and experience for themselves, is Sharm El Sheikh’s most popular attraction. The Red Seafloor is littered with vibrant and brilliant coral reefs. Schools of fish of various colours and shapes swim in swarms, creating a spectacular underwater spectacle.

While Egypt has long been recognized for its massive Great Pyramids and strange Sphinx at Giza, the Red Sea area has long been a popular tourist destination. With its beautiful and serene blue waves and all the natural wonders within and around it, Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular Red Sea destinations.

Other fantastic water activities can be enjoyed thanks to the calm sea and beautiful landscape. Surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing enthusiasts will have a wealth of alternatives to experience the adrenaline of these thrilling activities. For those who prefer to see Sharm El Sheikh from above, parasailing and paragliding are also options.

Sharm El Sheikh and the different enjoyable activities available for children will also appeal to them. Apart from the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh boasts fantastic water parks that youngsters will love.

The night in Sharm El Sheikh is eternally young, and the fun never stops. With so many clubs and pubs strewn around the city, you’ll never run out of fresh places to have a good time.
When you need to unwind and rest after all the action, simply lie back and take in the stunning landscape from one of Sharm El Sheikh’s many Sunrise Resorts!

SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises is looking for dynamic, motivated, and highly

Skilled leaders to be part of its newest in the following positions to join our team in
the new hotels in Sharm El Sheikh:
Food & Beverage Service
Food & Beverage Manager
Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
Lobby Lounge Manager
Welcome Hostess at Lobby
Fine Dining manager
Restaurant Manager
Bars Manager
Head Waiter
Head Bartender
Lobby Welcome Girl
Receiving Hostess
F&B Salesperson
Executive Chef
Executive Sous Chef
Sous Chef
Italian Chef – Italian nationality
Greek Chef – Greek nationality
Elia Chef – Tunisian or Spanish
Fine Dining Chef – European
Manzoku Manager – Asian Nationality
Indian Chef – Indian Nationality
Hygiene Manager
Chef De Partie
Chief Stewarding
Steward Senior Supervisor
Steward Supervisor
Human Resources
Human Resources Senior Supervisor
Human Resources Supervisor
Human Resources Clerk
Learning and Development Manager
If you are interested, kindly send your CV to:
Or WhatsApp: 01102222191

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