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Wazuzhu Dubai Career Opportunities

Job Openings at Wazuzhu Dubai, Wazuzhu Dubai Careers, Wazuzhu Dubai Jobs, Wazuzhu Dubai Vacancies, The Legend of the Nine Dragons is a story about a group of nine dragons that live
The dragon motif is ubiquitous in Chinese culture, appearing in mythology, festivals, art, and astrology, and symbolizing strength, prosperity, and abundance. 

The Chinese Emperors, who were considered to be descendants of the dragon king, adopted this historical sign as their crest.

Wazuzhu, which means “nine dragons” in Chinese, is based on an ancient fable about a dragon king who could transform into nine dragons to serve the world. The concept that the dragon king had nine sons, each of whom had unique responsibilities as heir protectors of the Earth and its inhabitants, adds to the significance of the number nine.

We are hiring!
We are seeking out energetic, charismatic, team players, who enjoy creating a lasting experience for their guests!
Head waiters 
Head waitresses 
Head hostesses
Candidates should have relevant experience in high-end, international background venues. Experience in Asian cuisines is a plus.
If you believe the above is you, send your CV to with the position you applying for in the subject line along with your name.
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