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Qabila Westbay Hotel

Qabila Westbay Hotel: Embark on Your Journey: Join the Qabila Westbay Hotel Team

Crafting Experiences, Creating Memories: Your Future in Luxury Hospitality

Qabila Westbay Hotel: Are you ready to step into a world where your passion for hospitality meets opulence and excellence? Qabila Westbay Hotel, a beacon of luxury and sophistication, is calling out for remarkable individuals like you. As we open our doors to an array of captivating career opportunities, seize the chance to be a part of a team that thrives on delivering unforgettable guest experiences.

**Discover Qabila Westbay Hotel:**

Tucked amidst the vibrant tapestry of the city, Qabila Westbay Hotel stands tall as a testament to luxury and innovation. From its awe-inspiring architecture to its gourmet dining offerings, the hotel encapsulates the art of hospitality. With contemporary rooms and suites that exude elegance, Qabila Westbay Hotel is a canvas where guests’ dreams are transformed into reality.

**Embrace the Qabila Family:**

Joining Qabila Westbay Hotel isn’t just about employment – it’s about becoming part of a family that values your talents and aspirations. As we expand our horizons and elevate our services, we’re in search of individuals who share our dedication and enthusiasm. Whether you’re a seasoned hospitality professional or a fresh graduate, our diverse array of roles caters to a spectrum of skills and interests.

**Diverse Opportunities Await:**

1. **Chef de Partie:** For culinary artists who revel in creating masterpieces, the role of Chef de Partie is an avenue to showcase your culinary prowess, leading a team in crafting exceptional dining experiences.

2. **Junior Sous Chef:** Elevate your culinary journey by joining as a Junior Sous Chef, where your expertise and leadership contribute to the hotel’s reputation for gastronomic excellence.

3. **Kitchen and Food & Beverage Coordinator:** If you’re adept at orchestrating the culinary symphony behind the scenes, this role lets you synchronize kitchen operations and ensure seamless F&B experiences.

4. **Food & Beverage Service Expert (Bartender):** Transform beverages into art as a skilled bartender, curating exquisite concoctions that become a part of our guests’ cherished memories.

5. **Food & Beverage Service Expert (F&B Attendant):** Bring a touch of finesse to dining, ensuring guests are treated to impeccable service that enhances their culinary journey.

6. **Food & Beverage Support Expert (F&B Hostess):** Radiate warmth and charm as you welcome and guide guests, ensuring their dining experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

7. **Food Services Supervisor:** Oversee the rhythm of the F&B outlets, orchestrating a harmonious dining atmosphere and leading your team with finesse.

8. **Guest Arrival Expert (Concierge):** Be the first point of contact, curating exceptional guest arrivals and departures, leaving a lasting impression that echoes hospitality at its finest.

9. **Guest Experience Expert (Chinese Speaker):** Bridge cultures and create enchanting experiences for Chinese-speaking guests, making their stay a journey of comfort and delight.

10. **Guest Experience Expert (Front Desk Agent):** Enrich guest interactions from check-in to departure, weaving a tale of luxury that defines their stay.

11. **Hotel Cleanliness Expert (Housekeeping Attendant):** Transform spaces into sanctuaries of cleanliness, ensuring every corner reflects the hotel’s commitment to luxury and comfort.

12. **Hotel Cleanliness Supervisor (Housekeeping Supervisor):** Lead the charge in maintaining impeccable standards of cleanliness, inspiring your team to uphold the essence of Qabila Westbay Hotel.

**Why Qabila Westbay Hotel:**

1. **Culture of Excellence:** Our pursuit of excellence permeates everything we do. Join a culture that challenges you to bring your best to the forefront.

2. **Growth Opportunities:** Your growth matters. Access training and mentorship that empowers you to refine your skills and advance your career within the hospitality landscape.

3. **Inclusive Environment:** Diversity is our strength. Embrace a collaborative environment that thrives on the uniqueness each individual brings.

4. **Guest-Centric Philosophy:** Crafting memories is our privilege. Your role extends beyond tasks, touching the lives of guests who seek unforgettable experiences.

**Application Process:**

Your journey to crafting extraordinary moments starts here. Explore current job openings at Qabila Westbay Hotel by visiting []( Your application is your ticket to becoming a part of our legacy in luxury hospitality.

Qabila Westbay Hotel beckons you to embark on an exhilarating adventure where luxury meets passion. Elevate guest experiences, craft remarkable memories, and be part of an exceptional legacy that defines the pinnacle of hospitality. The doors are open, and the invitation is extended – come, shine in the realm of Qabila Westbay Hotel. Your journey awaits.

Qabila Westbay Hotel: Exploring Exciting Career Opportunities

Chef de Partie – 23087111

Junior Sous Chef – 23073072

Kitchen and Food & Beverage Coordinator – 23093469

Food & Beverage Service Expert (Bartender) – 

Food & Beverage Service Expert (F&B Attendant) – 23023772

Food & Beverage Support Expert (F&B Hostess) – 23093389

Food Services Supervisor – 23022636 

Guest Arrival Expert (Concierge) -23046678

Guest Experience Expert (Chinese Speaker) – 23093466

Guest Experience Expert (Front Desk Agent) – 23000476

Hotel Cleanliness Expert (Housekeeping Attendant) – 23130727

Hotel Cleanliness Supervisor (Housekeeping Supervisor) – 23001554

Learn more and apply at

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