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Lebua Hotel Bangkok Career Opportunities: In the heart of Bangkok’s bustling embrace, a symphony of dreams unfolds at Lebua Hotel, where each position is a note, contributing to the melody of luxury and hospitality.

Lebua Hotel Bangkok Career Opportunities

Lebua Hotel Bangkok Career Opportunities 

Imagine being the maestro at the front desk, orchestrating smiles that welcome guests like a warm breeze. Or perhaps, your passion lies in the kitchen, where culinary artistry dances on plates, a gastronomic ballet that captivates taste buds. In the quiet corridors, there are roles that weave the tapestry of cleanliness, ensuring each room is a sanctuary of serenity.

The beauty of lebua lies not only in its grandeur but in the promise to nurture your growth. This isn’t just a workplace; it’s a poetic journey where learning is the lyric, and each day is a verse of possibility.

So, if you seek not just a job but a stanza in the anthology of lebua, where talents bloom and aspirations soar, join our ensemble. Become part of a family where teamwork is a sonnet, and every effort is a stroke on the canvas of exceptional experiences.

Apply now and let your career at Lebua Hotel Bangkok be a poem written in the language of passion and elegance. A masterpiece in the making, with you as the artisan of dreams.

Lebua Hotels & Resorts



Front Office
Duty Manager
Front Office Assistant
Guest Relations Officer
Call Center Agent
Head of Butler
Concierge Supervisor
Fitness Instructor

Assistant Chief Engineer
Hot & Cold Kitchen Technician
HVAC Technician

IT Executive

House Keeping
Room Attendant
Public Area Attendant

Assistant Cost Controller

Head of Security
Security Supervisor
Customer Safety Agent

Sale & Marketing
Director of PR

Food and Beverage
Director of Bars
Bar Manager
Restaurant Manager
Assistant Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Supervisor
Bar Supervisor

Sous Chef
Chef de Partie
Demi Chef

Please submit your resume or cv to Email: 02-624-9853

Lebua Sky Bar

Step into a realm of emotions at Lebua Sky Bar, where every sip, every view, and every moment weave a tapestry of feelings that linger in the heart. Perched high above the city’s hustle, this isn’t just a bar; it’s an emotional sanctuary.

As you ascend, the city unfolds below like a story, and the lights twinkle in a language only the heart understands. The air is a gentle embrace, and the ambiance resonates with the rhythm of emotions. It’s a haven where joy sparkles like champagne bubbles and reflection glows like city lights.

The menu is a palette of flavors, each dish a brushstroke on the canvas of your senses. Savoring the culinary symphony, you’ll find that every bite carries the warmth of passion and the zest of creativity.

Whether you’re celebrating life’s victories, finding solace in solitude, or simply reveling in the beauty of the moment, lebua Sky Bar becomes a companion to your emotions. It’s a place where laughter echoes, where dreams take flight, and where the heart finds its own melody. In the embrace of this elevated haven, emotions soar, and memories are etched against the backdrop of the city’s skyline.

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